Bedsheet Baby

Bedsheet Baby

The Bedsheet Baby is a set that include sheets and pillowcase made of 100% organic bamboo.

Decorated superior sheet with refined ribbon in end of colors different or simple embroidery.
Dimensions: 110 x 140 cm
Colours tape available: Leopard, Mini Dots, Sparkling Bubbles, Feather e Flower.

Washing advice: Please follow the label instructions. Don't wash by hand and don't use washing programme such as delicate or wool-wash unless it is set out on the label instructions. of 3-5% more than cotton, therefor we suggest to wipe your Bamboom product carefully after washing, before drying. Do not tumble dry.

Bamboom’s collection is beautifully soft for your baby’s sensitive skin, made with Organic Bamboo.Your Bamboom product is 100% made in Italy, with attention to the smallest details and the typically Italian quality.The fabrics and materials used are OekoTex and EcoCert certified and are subject to strict quality controls.

Collection New !
Materials 100% Bamboo