Safe to Sleep/ Air mattress

Safe to Sleep/ Air mattress

The soft, anatomic and super-breathable mattress that guarantees long and sweet nights of safe sleep.

Breathable and hygienic, it also protects against the risk of suffocation because it ensures constant air exchange.

The organic bamboo lining guarantees maximum breathability.

The internal padding prevents the so-called "flat head".

The inclination at 170° promotes blood flow and has an anti-regurgitation action.

Size : 30x42 cm

Care instructions: Washing machine; please follow product label instructions. Machine wash, do not hand-wash or use delicate or wool-wash programmes for Bamboom products unless stated on the care label and do not soak. Natural Bamboo material has a shrinkage of 3-5% more than cotton, therefor we suggest to wipe your Bamboom product carefully after washing, before drying. Do not tumble dry.

Collection Classic
Materials Outside: 100% Bamboo – Inside: Dryfeel