Body Long Sleeve

Body Long Sleeve

The Body in version long sleeve is made by organic bamboo and it's realized for guaranteeing a natural contact with the delicate skin of child.

It guarantee a perfect fit because is how much elasticizzatis is both in length and in width.

Size available ( opening on the lateral side ): 0/1 m - 3 m

Size available ( opening on the shoulder ): 6 m - 9/12 m - 12/18 m - 18/24 m

Washing advice: Please follow the label instructions. Don't wash by hand and don't use washing programme such as delicate or wool-wash unless it is set out on the label instructions. of 3-5% more than cotton, therefor we suggest to wipe your Bamboom product carefully after washing, before drying. Do not tumble dry.

Collection Underwear
Materials 95% Bamboo - 5% Spandex