BOUMY Chase Dino Twilight Leather 6-12M

BOUMY Chase Dino Twilight Leather 6-12M

The classic Boumy Hagen baby shoes. These flexible baby shoes are made of 100% soft and safe leather. Thanks to the clever elastic ankle fastening the shoes are easy to slip on and will stay on. The shoes provide room for tiny toes to move freely, supporting healthy foot development.

Bamboom’s collection is beautifully soft for your baby’s sensitive skin, made with Organic Bamboo.

Your Bamboom product is 100% made in Italy, with attention to the smallest details and the typically Italian quality.

The fabrics and materials used are OekoTex and EcoCert certified and are subject to strict quality controls.

Materials Leather
Code B009-LE002-ST005
Price 43,90 € 21,95
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