Igloo mini is a sleeping bag fo the carseat carriage and the pram, also available in the Baby version for the baby stroller, is equipped with a zip that runs around the whole bag, to completely remove the upper part, and use the lowe part as a mat for the stroller.

With universal seat belts cutouts. The upper part of the bag can be transformed into a comfortable hood that helps keeping the baby warm.
Degree of Heat : TOG 2.5
Dimensions: 79 x 39 cm.
Colours available : Grey, Light blue, White, Cappuccino sand
Care instructions: Washing machine; please follow product label instructions. Machine wash, do not hand-wash or use delicate or wool-wash programmes for Bamboom products unless stated on the care label and do not soak. Natural Bamboo material has a shrinkage of 3-5% more than cotton, therefor we suggest to wipe your Bamboom product carefully after washing, before drying.
Do not tumble dry.

Bamboom’s collection is beautifully soft for your baby’s sensitive skin, made with Organic Bamboo.

Your Bamboom product is 100% made in Italy, with attention to the smallest details and the typically Italian quality.

The fabrics and materials used are OekoTex and EcoCert certified and are subject to strict quality controls.

Collection New Vintage
Materials External : Bamboo - Interior : Soft Velvet
Code 104-034-031
Price 85,90 € 59,95
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